Peranzana Olive

The Peranzana olive is a pure and not hybrid cultivation. The name comes from the mispronunciation of the dialect of the place of origin, the Provence.


The most accepted story tells that during the mid ‘700, Raimondo de Sangro (San severo’s prince) did carry and introduce in its italian land holdings the plants of Peranzana. The De Sangro’s family was one of the most important family of Europe and kinship ties with Bourbons of Spain and France and the duckes of Burgundy, descendents of Carlo Magno. Raimondo De sangro was appointed prince of San Severo and duke of Torremaggiore.

In those territories decided to introduce the olive tree where is still present, near san Paolo of Civitate, san Severo and Torremaggiore. Here, this plant has found its ideal climate, producing an oil that can be transformed into a unique extra-virgin olive oil, with extraordinary organoleptic and nutritional properties. The olive of peranzana are medium in size and oil made from it has a very low acidity and a very balanced taste, so the oil is ready for consumption without need a maturation period or be mixed with other oils, wich would reduce quality.



The marchesino extra-virgin oil is propose in three different types: medium fruity, intense friuty and lightly fruity.